Crumbling transparency

While I was away from the Sevco sitcom last week, I’m aware that it took another twist.

As you’ll know Mike Ashley has dropped his attempt to force a judicial review of the Scottish Football Association’s decision to declare Dave King “fit and proper.”

Of course, as soon as this was announced the stenographers simply couldn’t help themselves.

The gushing was Off The Radar.

They soothed The People that once more Mr. David Cunningham King had bested Ashley.

However, as of this morning, I was told that the key document from the South African authorities was “under severe scrutiny” at Shirebrook.

Once they had sight of it, the Ashley legal team knew it was a game changer.

Now they are looking into the provenance of this crucial piece of evidence.

The Ashley legal team have been asked to forensically scrutinise this important production as there was no time to do this last week.

The SFA told the Court last week that all of their deliberations apropos Mr. David Cunningham King must remain shielded from public view.

I recall the late Turnbull Hutton telling me of how he sat through a presentation at Hampden on the shiny new future of Scottish football as envisaged by Mr. Stewart Regan.

In his usual forthright style, the Raith Rovers man said: “I thought he was going to wear out the word ‘transparent,’ he used it that much!”

Now I’m sure that the folks at Hampden and the chaps at Sevco would dearly love if Big Mike would just give this up and simply DO Walking Away.

In the interests of transparency of course…

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