Tis the season of negative goodwill

Ah well, another day and still no sign, as of this morning, of that pesky £5m.

I’m sure that the legal paperwork will be sorted out in a day or two.

Of course, it is a given that on Planet Fitba the New Regime have the local media onside.

As major Glasgow-based titles circle  the circulation drain their death row strategy is to placate a particular demographic.

I’m afraid that the truth is just collateral damage in this doomed business model.

However, that obedient reliability cannot be called upon in the newsrooms of the UK capital.

Watch out in 2016 for the London media starting to look into the dealings of RIFC.

If my information is correct, then expect General Ashley to take the media war with the New Regime to another Level altogether.

An excellently placed source has informed me that the New Regime have been reaching out to the Easdales.

The chaps in the Blue Room would really really like it if,for their Christmas they, were told that the legal action arising out of the AGM was dropped.

The explanation is that some minion misunderstood his instructions.

The good news is that the £2.5m soft loan has been scraped together.

However, I was surprised that the name of Mr David Cunningham King was not mentioned as one of the contributors.

No doubt the wealthy South African based entrepreneur will commence his over investing in 2016.

If one of the stenographers receives a junior journalism set from Santa, they might want to try it out on Mr Jim McColl.

They could approach the businessman and ask him the following questions:

“Is it true that you had previously advised members of the RIFC board to work WITH Mr Mike Ashley and Sports Direct?

Did you use the term ‘dodged a bullet’ when describing your decision not to become involved in RIFC?

If so, was this said to a senior employee of Deloitte?”

Of course working WITH Ashley would have been the smart move.

At the start of this year, RIFC was listed on the AIM and had a NOMAD.

The people running the show had serious experience in turning around distressed businesses.

Moreover, they had a credit line from a real billionaire.


Well, now all they have is Rangersness…


Merry Christmas.

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