An ecumenical matter

I was interested that Mr Paul Murray told the STV chaps last night that there’s £5m resting in an account.

“The facts are quite simple; we have £5m on deposit with a solicitors at the moment. The loan will be repaid as soon as the legal documentation is in place.”

However, this does not answer the question raised in my piece yesterday:

That a set of accounts that were audited and presented to shareholders and passed at the recent RIFC AGM are now being called into question.

I am still not clear as to why the £5m loan was not noted as a current liability.

Moreover, the experts I have asked are similarly in the dark about this.

As of this morning, there had been no legal communication with the Sports Direct people from anyone representing the New Regime apropos this loan.

Will it be paid back?

That would be an ecumenical matter…

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