Judge, General and Executioner

He is, I readily concede, an incongruous conduit of justice.

Firstly, he is a zero hour billionaire who made his vast fortune by never making the mistake of overestimating the consumer.

On Tyneside, his very name is forever intertwined with expletives wherever the Toon Army congregates.

However, historians of the national game in Scotland may one day look back and say that Mike Ashley did the state some service.

Yesterday in the Court of Session his highly paid legal team asked for judicial scrutiny to be brought to bear on the people who govern Planet Fitba.

Mr David Cunningham King was also represented and by the end of the proceedings the South African based entrepreneur and the SFA were on the same side.

Since the March Putsch, I have laid out a narrative here that said Big Mike would have his day in court.

As ever The People and their shills in the media were derisive

Well, I have to admit that I got it wrong.

Mr Ashley is clearly planning to have MANY days in court!

Here is an excellent report from freelance journalist James Doleman who was in court to cover the proceedings.

As you can see it was a clear victory for Mr Ashley and MASH Holdings:

“Lady Wolffe then ruled against a December hearing and instead told the court she would hold a full two-day diet in February 2016 as requested by Counsel for MASH.”

In short Big Mike achieved the result he was after.

For me the most telling part of James’ report was in the previous paragraph:

“Counsel for Dave King then rose and said he was ‘happy to adopt the SFA motions’ …”

It would appear that Mr David Cunningham King and the Scottish Football Association have decided to hang together on this one.

Indeed, in many ways I suspect that General Ashley will find that entirely fit and proper.

It remains to be seen if what transpired yesterday in the Court of Session was the public declaration of a suicide pact between the chaps on the sixth floor at Hampden and a convicted criminal.

Of course, this entire situation, for both the SFA and Sevco, is entirely self-inflicted.

Big Mike also had his legal troops in action about the upcoming AGM of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC).

That conclave is on Friday so perhaps this might be a tense week for many in Ibrox.

A well-placed source in the second tier of Scottish football stated to me yesterday that the RIFC Chief Executive Mr Stewart Robertson was, in his opinion, exhibiting the classic signs of stress.

Intrigued, I asked him to explain this remark, and he would merely say that he found many of Mr Robertson’s recent reactions to be out of character.

I have no way of verifying this information, although this source is well known to me, and I have absolute faith in his integrity.

For the avoidance of doubt, this Fitba man has never been called a ‘glib and shameless liar’ by a judge!

Although court proceedings can go either way, this chap stated to me that his information was that the people at Ibrox were not hopeful of defeating the Charles Green legal costs case.

That is just one of the many untethered mines in the legal water that could sink HMS Sevco.

At least there was some good news for The People yesterday.

Mr Bomber has been given ambassadorial duties to represent the finest hour of the old club.

The triumph by Rangers in European football’s secondary tournament in 1972 says so much about the Ibrox sub-culture.

Their victory over Dynamo Moscow in the Camp Nou was accompanied by shameful scenes of crowd trouble.

Rangers FC (1872-2012) remain the only club in European football never to have been able to defend the trophy they won because of the behaviour of their fans.

This was because UEFA banned the Ibrox side for the rioting inside the stadium in Catalonia.

As Scottish football’s greatest moment is about to immortalised on the Celtic Way, we must spare a thought for The People.

There is no iconic photograph for them to cherish of John Greig receiving the lesser trophy in 1972.

The reason is quite simple; there could be no McNeill moment captured in the Camp Nou as the fascist underclass from Glasgow were still drunkenly brawling with Franco’s thugs in the stadium.

If Big Mike is finally successful in crushing the New Regime and overturning the March Putsch, then he has the option of reinstalling his guys.

An Ashley run Sevco will be a clean operation in every sense and not one to the liking of The People.

However, he could decide just to Do Walking Away once it was clear to all that he had won a total victory over the incumbents in the Blue Room.

If that transpires then, it will be impossible for even the Stenographer in Chief at the Daily Radar to sell this to The People as a ‘favourable Settlement’.

In the end, the decision will be Big Mike’s and his alone.

Meanwhile, the man from Sports Direct is a purveyor of some painful consequential learning for the folk on Edmiston Drive.

The lesson is clear:

Never, ever, anger a real billionaire.

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