Uninformed but accountable

Collective responsibility can be difficult when you’re not in the loop.

It is not easy when your organisation speaks to the world in words that you find difficult to defend.

I understand that the chaps who actually funded the March Putsch at Ibrox were gobsmacked by this statement.

This morning a well-placed source said to me that:

“I think that the penny is finally dropping that their chairman might not have the wherewithal. They’re also now realising that there was a REAL billionaire who would have worked with them, but not now.”

It remains to be seen if a charm offensive will cut any ice with Big Mike.

Noises from inside his Shirebrook GHQ suggests that General Ashley will accept nothing less than Sevco’s unconditional surrender.

Of course, it is entirely possible that he would find it easier to deal with the New Regime if they installed a different leader.

Meanwhile, another statement from an empty wine cellar in South African exhorting the depleted ranks onwards to final victory might not be far away.

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