The enemies of RIFC

A key element in the success of the March Putsch was a highly partisan media.

Since the New Regime was installed the feel-good narrative in the mainstream has been on another Level altogether.

It was the type of coverage that would never have been afforded to the Ashley controlled board.

However, this late night statement feels rather different.

I checked back with a well-placed source, and he was derisively incredulous at the content.

His view when he first read it was that it was not at the Level he had come to expect from the New Regime.

He told me who be believed the author of the statement was.

If my source is correct, then Peace Be Upon this young chap as he wanders in the financial desert of Ibrox.

In trying to convince The People that all is well, he might merely be setting the stage where he plays the role of a Prophet of gloom.

The first thing is that before such a statement was put out all of those named should have had sight of the communique.

In normal PR work, those name-checked would have to approve what was being said about them before it was issued to the media.

Once more the door is opened to an intrepid reporter in Scotland to approach those named in the statement.

For the avoidance of doubt here are the questions that our fearless Scottish journalist could put to those mentioned in the statement:

“Mr Park did you have sight of this statement before it was issued?

“Are you happy with the content of this statement?

“Have you, as the statement says, reaffirmed your commitment to making further loan facilities available to Rangers International Football Club PLC (RIFC) on the same no fees and no interest basis?”

The same questions could also be put to Mr Letham and Mr Taylor.

One thing in this statement that is undeniable is that RIFC requires external finance to continue operating until the end of this football season.

It is a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.

Which is exactly the situation that the original Rangers Football Club was in on the 1st November 2011.

My reporting then was scoffed at by The People.

The Craig Whyte Regime told the mainstream media to tell the supporters that all was well.

The stenographers followed orders and Planet Fitba was given a new term.

In fact, it was the Insolvency Event that was ‘Front-loaded’.

I did not notice anyone from the Ibrox home crowd at the time shouting from the rooftops that Rangers Football Club was in serious trouble.

Ibrox appears to the Mecca of a sub-culture that is a Non-Prophet making organisation.

If that external finance is not forthcoming, then it might be timely for some earnest young chap to draw up an ‘enemies of RIFC’ list.

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