A thwarted emissary

Well it has been something of a frantic time on Planet Sevco.

Today a valuable source was able to provide me with some background information that makes sense of the most recent Dave King outburst.

I understand that last week Paul Murray was sent to the Shirebrook HQ of Sports Direct.

The Sevco emissary had plenipotentiary status.

He was tasked by the RIFC Board to strike any deal necessary in order to access the second tranche of £5m contained within the January 27th loan agreement.

After a very long wait a junior PA arrived to tell Mr Murray that there was no one to see him.

However, he was told that Mr Ashley did not believe that there was anything to discuss.

I am told that Mr Paul Murray had a letter in his possession and that he handed it over.

My understanding is that should the terms of that missive become public then it would be impossible to spin it on any Level as a Favourable Settlement.

I am led to believe that in that communiqué from RIFC Mr Ashley was offered everything that he might want with the only fig leaf that Mr Murray and Mr Gilligan remain on the RIFC board as directors.

The letter was duly replied to and the Sports Direct people made it quite clear that they were not for playing ball with the New Regime.

Of course, this matter can be cleared up by any helpful hack if they have access to Mr Paul Murray.

No doubt the nice people at Sports Direct will corroborate whether or not the RIFC chap did actually turn up at Shirebrook with a letter.

I understand that after Mr Murray’s abortive visit to Shirebrook General Ashley convened, to use the terminology favoured by The People, his War Cabinet.

A well-placed source told me that at that conclave a decision was made to make a move on the New Regime.

Mr David Cunningham King made reference to Sports Direct “continuing to litigate against us” and I believe this to be a reference to an application them for a Cease and Desist order.

This legal instrument would pertain to all of the assets secured by the January 27th Loan.

At a conclave between Mr David Cunningham King and Mr George Letham some details of this missive were revealed.

The £5m was required, apparently, for payroll for October, November and December.

After that monies from a new supporter organisation would, it was hoped, start to trickle into the Ibrox coffers.

If any stenographer wants to try their hand at journalism then they might want to seek out Mr George Letham and ask him if he, on his own accord, recently visited the Shirebrook HQ.

I believe that he did.

Of course if he went On The Record about that it could all be cleared up.

My information is that Mr Letham travelled to the Sports Direct HQ AFTER Paul Murray’s unsuccessful attempt at a rapprochement.

As well as this reaching out to Mr Ashley I understand that Ibrox legend Richard Gough did not meet with much success on a finance raising expedition to the New World.

Indeed, I am told that the monies gathered did not cover his expenses for this Sevco safari.

Although I had been aware that Mr Derek Llambias had commissioned a surveyor’s report on Ibrox and Murray Park; I today learned that a second, more detailed one had been compiled on the stadium only.

This was before the March Putsch by the Real Rangers Men.

However, the information contained therein will still be apposite.

I believe that it states that the cost of taking Ibrox up to recognised standards would cost between £18-£20m.

Moreover this work would entail sections of the ground being closed for significant periods of time.

I fully appreciate that is a very different narrative to one being peddled in the mainstream media.

However, in the week when Craig Whyte was declared a bankrupt it is worth reminding just how Off The Radar their reportage of the last owner of Rangers actually was.

The only response to my reporting here appears to be ad hominem smears from The People and some of their shills in the media.

The objective is self-evidently to get me To Do Walking Away so that only succulent stenography is on offer.

With your assistance dear reader this work will continue, because for sure there is a really story there to report.

Just as with Rangers in 2011 the truth was out there if someone would eschew succulent press releases and go after genuine article.

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