Time for the Co-Investors to save the PayDay

“Why did Rangers supporters stand by and allow their club to bleed out?”

I wrote that as the final line in the section of Downfall dealing with the fans.

It still baffles me that the club that took hundreds of thousands of supporters to Manchester in 2008 could quietly die in June 2012 with the fans rubbernecking at the scene.

Well now their new club is bleeding out too.

However, this time, they seem to be stepping up.

My information is that various supporters’ organisations have certainly been asked to contribute financially.

As has been reported here that without external finance the new regime will struggle to meet all of their monthly commitments this month.

I understand that Mr Richard Gough has been active in making approaches to well-heeled Real Rangers Men in North America.

These are the same chaps who Mr Paul Murray unsuccessfully contacted some time ago to raise much-needed finance.

It is my hunch that the New Regime hoped that the vigorous embodiment of the Nine In A Row glory years would be showered with affection across the Pond.

Alas, although there was love in the room there was no money on offer.

Well-placed sources also tell me that the New Regime revisited Mr Bill Miller and Mr Robert Sarver, but without success.

So, at the moment, it appears to be the …ahem… ‘Co-investors’ who will have to step up.


How long they can maintain that financial burden for remains to be seen.

However, it is more than they did for their last club and they should be commended for that at least.

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