Devilish details

As with all corporate statements the devil is in the detail.

Of course, this statement is not to the London Stock Exchange, which is handy, I suppose.

I understand that there was some annoyance in the Big House yesterday at my report yesterday.

However, I am told that the chagrin was not apropos any inaccuracies.

Here are some simple questions:

Does Mr Paul Murray and Mr John Gilligan currently receive any remuneration in any form from RIFC or TRFC?

Does Mr Paul Murray and Mr John Gilligan have another designation within RIFC/TRFC?

If so, do these sinecures attract a salary or other form of remuneration?

Before the Chief Executive Stewart Robertson was appointed in June did Mr Murray receive a salary for being De facto CEO?

I have just spoken to a very well-placed source who is adamant that the answer to these interrogatives are in the affirmative.

Regular readers will recall a similar RIFC statement in February 2014.

Three weeks later the Laxey Loan was announced.

Moreover, I am aware that shareholders not aligned to the New Regime are eager to learn more about what they consider to be the unjustifiable expenses culture at Ibrox under the New Regime.

I hope to have more soon.

Developing story.

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