The klan in Carrickfergus

The people in the North East of this island who wish to remain part of the United Kingdom make much of their distinctive culture.

This view was put strongly by various participants in the negotiations that led to the Belfast Agreement in April 1998.

It was during this period that a colleague in An Phoblacht introduced me to the vibrant language of Ulstur Scotch.

At first I thought he was having a joke with the paper’s token Glaswegian, but he wasn’t.

Until then I did not know that this ancient tongue existed.

From the Republican side, the importance of the Irish language was stressed in any new dispensation within the Six Counties.

In the old Orange State, the Irish language had been criminalised by Stormont in the 1950s.

So the legitimacy of the Irish language in the New Northern Ireland had to be enshrined in legislation.

The major players in the room agreed to this and then, as if by magic, Ulstur Scotch was produced by the Loyalists.

The Belfast Agreement in Irish is ‘Comhaontú Bhéal Feirste’, in Ulstur Scotch it is ‘Bilfawst Greeance’.

As I said, a vibrant and ancient tongue…

Perhaps to their befuddlement the Republicans agreed with what the Loyalists were asking for.

The response of  the  Sinn Féin leadership was ‘well if that’s your culture then it should be respected and preserved and we support you in that’.

The Loyalists had then to go away and quickly come up with a culture, that ‘s when it  got seriously daft.

An entire government infrastructure was created to service the needs of a non-existent linguistic community.

I found it was amusing in an ironic way to watch the terror in the hearts of these ‘Ulstur Scots’ last year when it looked as if Scotland might vote for independence.

Yesterday the BBC in Northern Ireland ran with a story that showed the true nature of this sub-culture that clings on in the North East of this Island.

Confederate Flag and Nazi Flag in Carrickfergus 2015

Twitter was quick to respond, and this chap didn’t miss them.

“@poleinbelfast  Once you put a swastica anywhere near a UnionJack you should be made to return your British Passport. #Carrickfergus.”

I do not know what the Ulstur Scotch is for ‘ouch!’, but I think it would be an appropriate response.

Just in case they didn’t get the Polish person tweeted again:

“poleinbelfast  I live in a country where someone flies a StarOfDavid flag, Union Jack and an SS Swastica Nazi flag together? #fuckme”

On his Twitter account he described himself as:

“Paul the Pole – Big mouth, big heart. I do get a bit confrontational when faced with racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic BS”

I’ve never met him, but I like him already!

The appearance of the Confederate  battle flag in a Loyalist area of the North is no aberration.

Last year African-Americans were targeted for hate on a Loyalist bonfire.

Remember dear reader these folks get upset when I refer to them as ‘the klan’.

The parallels with the Poor White Trash of the Deep South are not that difficult to make.

Now I still do not speak Ulstur Scotch and therefore I cannot access their rich literary heritage.

However, I can spot a racist sub culture when it displays its affiliations from a lamp post.

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