Ibrox season ticket sales and the emergence of a Sevco Samizdat

Many things in the natural world have a season and tickets for the Fitba are no exception.

I’m old enough to remember when this type of purchase was a rarity and yes dear reader when I was wee I got a lift over at the games!

In the modern era, the season ticket has become central to the finances of football clubs and right now they are taking in the cash that will sustain them.

At some point after the New Year, these business go into negative cash flow, and they have to bridge the gap with borrowing.

As with many things Sevco are a bit different dear reader.

Firstly, they do not have a credit line from a bank.

Since February last year they have limped along thanks to a series of emergency loans from shareholders.

Quite simply they cannot get a bank to lend money to them.

Other clubs also have substantial revenues from the sale of club merchandise.

Of course, it is no secret that the deal Sevco has with Mike Ashley massively benefits the man who owns Newcastle United.

Therefore, the importance of the size of the season ticket pot at Ibrox is of greater significance than at other clubs.

I caught up with one excellently placed Ibrox source yesterday, and he told me some bad news.

As of last Wednesday, a week ago, they only had money in for 8,000 season tickets.

Dear reader that’s EIGHT THOUSAND.

In fairness, the club also had promises of another 2,500 sales, from supporters clubs.

Of course, the situation could have been transformed in the last week or so, but he doesn’t think so.

For a point of comparison Hearts at the same time had sold more that 13,000.

Now if this information is correct (this chap was one of the sources for ‘King meets Ashley on the day of the EGM’ story) then it is very bad news for the good ship Sevco.

They are about to try and leave the harbour of the close season and once more try and navigate across the hazardous straits of the Scottish championship without adequate provisions or being fully crewed.

Apropos the latter issue, I have not been across the detail of this, but I had expected the ‘War Chest’ to be dominating the back pages by now.

The power of PR to bend the churnalists to their will is a sight to behold, and they expect people to believe that Sevco are signing the new Daniel Alves, for free…

Of course, we should be wary of believing what the stenographers are telling us apropos the quality of player that Mr Warburton is currently unearthing from the lower reaches of English football.

Similarly, we should be careful about accepting what the hacks are telling us about the roaring trade in Sevco season tickets.

It is all designed to create a PR generated feel good factor among potential consumers of the Ibrox Kool-Aid.

Thankfully not all of Sevco’s clientele are taken in by this pish and there is something of a Samizdat operating at this site.

They’re clearly not drinking the Kool-Aid being proffered by the New Regime and their Shills in the media.

They are online proof that you cannot fool all of The People all of the time.


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