Are monies due to Mr Barry Leach and Mr Derek Llambias?

I thought when Mr Barry Leach and Mr Derek Llambias were let go by Sevco that it was an error of some magnitude.

Those two have a proven track of turning around bad situations for Big Mike.

Moreover the experience of Mr Llambias at Newcastle United is hard evidence that he doesn’t need to feel the love from the stands.

In short he would have pushed through the highly unpopular austerity measures that are still required at Sevco.

In my opinion, it WAS a smart move for the New Regime to withdraw the allegations against the two men.

With that, all that was required was that RIFC met all the contractual salary obligations to Mr Leach and Mr Llambias.

An excellently placed source has just informed me that this has not been done, and these payments remain outstanding.

Oh dear.

I do hope my source is wrong on this one.

Of course, if this information is erroneous, then the club (or the company) can contact me and I will print a retraction.

In much the same way, I will clarify that £278,000 does not leave the Ibrox operation every month, in two debits, in the direction of an offshore recipient.

You may recall, dear reader, that when I first published this figure some of The People wanted the Club Chairman Mr David Somers  ‘ to do something’ about  your humble correspondent.

So far, no one from the club (or the company) has been in touch about these rather large monthly payments.

Of course, if they do contact me, I will have supplementary questions for them on that matter.

To add to the woes of the New Regime, if the team that Super Ally built gets past Motherwell on Sunday, then the two men brought in by Big Mike are also due promotion bonuses.

A source in the PR world told me today that Mr David Cunningham King was straight onto his preferred PR chap immediately after the match last night.

The fiat was issued, that positive coverage was required today.

Essentially, in the wake of the defeat by Motherwell, the spin had to be ratcheted up a Level.

The same source stated to me, with quiet authority, that as of last week-end a rather big invoice from a PR firm had not been settled by the chaps at Ibrox.

It is worth noting that the coverage of matters Ibrox, by the local mainstream media, must be viewed with suspicion.

Here in 2013 Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News (i.e. a real media organisation) totally nails it.

The Ibrox staffer who wrote this ranty reply to Tomo is now back on Planet Sevco as their PR consultant.

I’m just back from Glasgow where it was possible to have face to face meetings with sources who are naturally reticent about electronic communications.

What is produced here is guaranteed to be PR free coverage.

Investigative journalism is, by its very nature, time-consuming and expensive, so thanks to all of you who continue to support this site.

Your appreciation of the work that is published here means a lot.

Of course, a freelance journalist in the Republic of Ireland should not need to do this.

However, the events surrounding the death of Rangers (1872-2012) and the Sevco fiasco prove that, sadly, many in the Glasgow media village remain…err…‘horribly conflicted’ about matters Ibrox.

Until they’re not in such a moral muddle, then it looks like I will have to continue.

Thanks for the support.

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