Sevco salaries in April

There have been many comments into my site asking me about the situation regarding the payment of Sevco salaries last month.

So I tried to find out…

Sources inform me that Big Mike did not provide the funds for April payroll.

I am not clear if that is because his offer of a further loan was withdrawn by the Sports Direct magnate, or the conditions were considered too onerous by the New Regime.

I suspect the latter, but hopefully I will be able to confirm that later.

However, I understand that two of the three bears, Mr. Letham, and Mr. Taylor, played  a major role in, as a source told me,  “…cobbling together enough cash…”  to meet the wages for last month.

Sources have suggested to me that Mr. Super may not have been paid his monthly salary as he works his notice at Sevco.

Despite this being a busy time for gardeners I am sure that Mr. McCoist would have taken time out yesterday to smile on the success of the young Sevco starlets that he assiduously nurtured at Murray Park.

Mr. Super must have been beaming with pride as young Lee McCulloch came off the bench and contributed to a very creditable draw with the Champions Hearts.

Third place in the second tier of Scottish football is not a bad achievement for such a young club.


Sources also inform me that Mr. Derek Llambias and Mr. Barry Leach, currently suspended on full pay, WERE paid.

That was a smart move by the New Regime given the current situation between these two employees of Rangers International Football Club.

Of course, if this information is incorrect then the club or indeed the company may wish to clarify with a statement then I will be happy to publish a retraction here.

Just in the same way that I would if my information that £278,000 leaves Ibrox every month for an offshore destination were also incorrect.

That is the £278,000,in two debits, connected to the stadium that John Brown played for.

Indeed some of The People wanted the club, or the company, to publish a statement about that £278,000 story.

Of course if there is a statement, publicly and On The Record, that there is no truth to the story that I broke about the £278,000 then I will be happy to print a retraction.

Clear enough?

For the avoidance of doubt, I have sent many questions into the Ibrox Press Office during my time working the Ibrox story.

My bona fides as a member of the National Union of Journalists is known to them yet I cannot recall when they last acknowledged an email from me let alone answered one in the last three years.

In such a situation, it is difficult to give them the right of reply to anything reported here.

And now it is four weeks to the next salary bill at Sevco…

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