The dangers of a Sevco séance

The grieving have always been vulnerable to the unscrupulous.

Quite simply the finality of death is sometimes too much for some of those left behind and therefore they can be prey for those who will tell them what they want to hear.

Harry Houdini, the world renowned escapologist, could not cope with the death of his mother in 1913.

Subsequently, it became an obsession for him to contact her ‘on the other side’.

Ultimately he realised he was being scammed in séances by shyster mediums.

He then made it his mission to unmask them and because of his skills as an illusionist he was damn successful at exposing these cruel fraudsters.

In 1951 the United Kingdom brought in the Fraudulent Mediums Act and this repealed the Witchcraft Act of 1735 (honest).

The 1951 act was then itself repealed by in turn repealed on 26 May 2008 by new Consumer Protection Regulations following an EU directive targeting unfair sales and marketing practices.

It is worth noting that the Fraudulent Mediums Act only applied to England and Wales.

Therefore fair Caledonia and Norn Iron were, apparently, exempt from such legal protection within the United Kingdom.

So perhaps there is some value in the DUP MP Gregory Campbell asking the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vince Cable to regulate the sale of Ouija boards.

On Planet Fitba we have seen the pain that can be caused by charlatans telling the grief stricken that their loved one is not really dead.

When Charlie told them it was “Rangers then, Rangers now, Rangers forever” it was just what The People needed to hear.

Indeed he whipped them up into such a dignified frenzy I would not be surprised if some of them leaked Ectoplasm onto their Sports Direct apparel.

If ,like Harry Houdini and me, you have concluded that there is no escape from death then you should support Gregory on this one.

It has been painful to watch how so many of The People have been duped since the death of Rangers in 2012.

As Houdini demonstrated in his book ‘A Magician Among the Spirits’ the motivation of these tricksters was financial gain.

Given that Rangers are indeed deid then perhaps the SFA disciplinary panel looking into the heinous crimes of John Guidetti should just join hands around the table at Hampden and try and contact the establishment club on the other side.

Unless Charlie is hiding behind the curtain then all they will hear is a dignified silence….

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