Tough questions for the new regime at Ibrox

No doubt the new regime at Ibrox would have been very happy at the unexpected victory yesterday at Easter Road.

There is now a believable scenario whereby they can win through the play offs and progress into the top flight.

However today they know that this week will be a difficult one for them.

I understand from sources that the cash flow situation is critical.

The figure given to me is that there was a little more than £100,000 in the Sevco bank account at the end of last week.

Of course the new regime knows this perfectly well and they have been making frantic overtures to Mr Ashley.

Direct attempts to contact Big Mike have so far failed.

I understand that there is an exclusive interview set up this week with Mr Paul Murray.

Perhaps the award winning chap will find some time to ask him about his recent attempts to see Mr Ashley.

I understand that the RIFC interim Chairman did not even get past security.

However, I am sure Mr Murray, if asked the question, will be happy to clarify that one.

As with all good journalism, if you have the opportunity, you should ask the tough questions rather than keep to the previously agreed PR script.

Given that direct communication with Big Mike appears to be off the radar, the new regime has apparently sought the intercession of others.

Anyone interviewing Mr Paul Murray this week could ask him about the possibility of the Easdale Brothers being back in Sevco blazers soon.

Such a conciliatory move might produce a warmer response from Mr Ashley.

Dear reader not everything that turns up in the tabloids can be dismissed as PR pish and, gasp, Charles of Normandy might not have been spinning a yarn about being Big Mike’s man.

He certainly was in the Square Mile recently letting people know that he was a player again in the Ibrox farce.

Around the same time Malcolm Murray was trying to drum up support in the City for the ailing Ibrox entity.

Let’s just say he was unsuccessful.

Charlie and the boys hit paydirt in 2012 with the RIFC Initial Public Offering and that will not be replicated.

If Mr Paul Murray does grant an interview to a tabloid this week and the picture presented is of financial stability then someone is not asking the correct questions.

That Dave King is not mentioned in the list of those providing £1.5m working capital today is significant.

Moreover, the idea that Ashley was “snubbed” is risible.

The £1.5m covers payroll this week and little else and the long term financial picture for Sevco  is much more demanding than beating Hibs.

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