It will be Hame time soon

One week tomorrow at the Shed in Shawlands the curtain will go up on my new play ‘Hame’.

This is the second time I have worked with the Sweet for Addicts theatre group.

Last year they put on a production of my ‘Flight of the Earls’.

‘Hame’ runs from Tuesday 10th until Saturday 14th March inclusive.

Friday and Saturday are already sold out and Thursday is nearly there with only a few tickets left.

There are still seats available for the performances on Tuesday and Wednesday.

They can be purchased here.

The production is part of the Glasgow Saint Patrick’s festival.

As I have written here on more than one occasion the craft of acting fascinates me and I find the experience of writing for the stage to be hugely exciting.

Although it starts with writing there would be no play without actors, men and women brave enough to step onto the boards and give a part of themselves for a live audience.

So with that in mind here are the cast of ‘Hame’:

Michael McHugh is playing Séamus ‘Jimmy’ O’Donnell and he is a veteran at this acting craic. This is Michael’s third performance with Sweet for Addicts, but the first time in The Shed.  He is starting to feel a little type cast as an Irish man… Michael is delighted to be playing the part of old Jimmy and says “apart from the swearing, he could have been my own father!”

Paul Downie plays Michael O’Donnell. He’s a regular face within Sweet for Addicts; this is Paul’s second performance at The Shed. He is delighted to be part of the first production of “Hame” and is relieved not to be singing in this show!

Ali Holmes is playing the role of Annmarie O’Donnell (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday performances). Ali hasn’t performed with Sweet for Addicts since this time last year when 6 months pregnant. No bump required in this show, but she is pleased to have been asked back for a first time performance in The Shed.

Eve Menzies also plays Annmarie O’Donnell (Thursday, Friday performances).   This is Eve’s second performance with Sweet for Addicts and she is thrilled to have been asked back for this production. Having had a break from the stage Eve said she is delighted to be back for her first show in The Shed.

Gill McGowan plays the role of Kirsty Montgomery. Gill is no stranger to the stage, she has been in several productions including Hairspray and a comedy cabaret (in the last month), Calamity Jane and Witches of Eastwick.  This is her first performance with Sweet for Addicts, but is a regular face at The Shed. Her husband Colin, like his wife a professionally trained actor, played the role of Peadar O’Donnell in ‘Flight of the Earls’.

Bobby Bulloch plays William Montgomery, the brother of Kirsty.               This is Bobby’s first performance with Sweet for Addicts, but he has been on the stage many times, most recently in The Hired Man with GAP Theatre Group. Bobby was distraught at having to shave his beard off to play the role of Kirsty’s younger brother William. I can exclusively reveal that it will be coming back as soon as the play is over!

Pat Conway plays Martin Harrison. Pat is another regular face with Sweet for Addicts.  Not his biggest role to date, but we wonder how many wigs he will try to squeeze into the part! Pat is gutted there is no singing for him this time as his Mack the Knife brought the house down the last time…..apparently!

Noreen Boyle plays Mary. This is Noreen’s first performance with the Company but is no stranger to the stage. She recently performed in Beyond the Rainbow at The Shed.  Noreen also performed alongside Chris and Bobby in Scotland’s Greatest Irishman. She is delighted to join the cast of Hame and has a sentimental connection through her family in Donegal.

Mary-Rose Dickson plays Janet. This is the second time Mary-Rose has performed with the company.  She is thrilled to have a few more lines this time and be in slightly more colourful clothing!

Chris McLaughlin plays Father Devin. Chris is a regular at The Shed and is delighted to be working with Sweet for Addicts on this exciting new play.  He will be back in May in Cocktails for Two, a musical journey of the life of Cole Porter…with Noreen Boyle in a supporting role.

Angela Weiss is thrilled to be working with Sweet for Addicts on this new play as Stage Manager.

Professionally trained she has worked in London, Manchester and other cities in the UK in that vital behind the scenes role. This is her first time working in Glasgow as a Stage Manager.

Her command of the Glaswegian dialect has proved entertaining for the company and a good learning curve for her.  Her search for props led her on a journey of discovery as she was sent out to buy a vibrator from Ann Summers and two new Sevco tops!

Finally someone has to drive the bus and that is Mark Williamson. Returning to the director’s chair, Mark has been part of every Sweet for Addicts production either on the stage or behind the scenes; he loves every minute of it.

If you have already bought tickets for ‘Hame’ then fair play and I hope you love the show.

After the curtain comes down please come back to this post and become theatre critics.

Creative writing is a lonely task and the feedback is invaluable.

Break a leg!


NB: This play is not suitable for those under 18. Contains adult material and the word ‘Sevco’.

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