The importance of being reasonable about Sevco

That which is cultural is not amenable to reason.

This, for the initiated, is pretty much sociology 101.

What we are seeing played out in the Sevco train wreck is the power of culture to trump reason.

It is clear that The People long for the day when polished brogues step into the Blue Room.

For them all will be well in the world.

Given that the room is in a stadium that might well be in hock to Big Mike by that time is largely irrelevant.

The optics will be that “Real Rangers Men” are finally charge.

Actually that suits Mr Ashley rather well.

If the heavily weighted deal between Sevco and Rangers Retail Limited remains extant then Big Mike will probably smile on the new incumbents.

After all they will be looking after all that emotional loss making football stuff while he coins it in.

Mr Ashley would not have amassed such a fortune if he had not been good at numbers.

One business analysts advised me that if the £10m loans go through then Big Mike will have the Brogue Consortium where he wants them.

I asked him to clarify that and he stated that he expected Ashley’s men to work their way through that £10m at a rate of knots.

All the outstanding bills would be paid.

On that matter I learned this morning that there is now  a substantial pile of final demands at Ibrox from antsy suppliers.

The total bad news there is over £2m and growing.

If the Ashley loan happens then those suppliers would be paid in full (a novel concept in recent years at Ibrox) and other outstanding issues could be dealt with.

For example Mr Super could be paid off to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.

The plan would be to burn through that £10m loan as quickly as possible while Big Mike’s guys are in the building.

Therefore if the control of the board room changed after the EGM then the new regime would be faced with a liability to Big Mike of £13m and very little working capital in the company.

That just might be a well thought out number.

If the Brogue Consortium cannot repay that amount on demand then Big Mike is still in control.

Remember dear reader Mr Ashley does not want to own a football club in Govan.

However he is very keen on taking profits out of the commercially healthy components of the business.

As has been stated here before, the devil really is in the retail.

He can see all of this clearly because he is not part of the Ibrox culture.

When it comes to the stadium that John Brown played for Big Mike, unlike the Brogue Consortium, has the facility of reason.

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