The need for grown up thinking

As I observed The People rejoicing on the news of Mike Ashley being blocked by the SFA I was reminded of the work of the Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget.

In their simplistic understanding of the world the home crowd at Ibrox think that the decision today Is A Good Thing.

Collectively The People are at the cognitive level of a child between two and seven years of age.

In what he called the ‘pre-operational’ phase Piaget noted that such young children did not yet understand concrete logic and could not mentally manipulate information.

This would seem apt when discussing The People as a group.

Indeed if they had a higher level of information processing then they would see a series of random events coming together.

The defeat of Resolution 9 means that RIFC cannot go to the market and raise money.

It might have been a longshot, but at least the option would have had been available to the board.

Big Mike, at time of writing is RIFC’s biggest creditor.

If he calls in his £2m secured loan then it cannot be paid and the final due date is in April although he can call it in before that.

That gives him Edmiston House and the world renowned Albion Carpark.

The latter piece of real estate is vital to the operation of the stadium.

The extra £1m is also tied up in another deal as regular readers here will already know.

Ashley controls Sevco the way that banks hold the sword of Damocles over small businesses.

You control a company by lending to it.

So it is time to be grown up about this.

Here are the facts of life.

If Mike Ashley does walking away then RIFC will collapse into insolvency and it will not be pretty.

However as a big boy Mike knows that he has some commercial interests there, but there is a limit.

Meanwhile the PR war against the RIFC board continues in the mainstream who wish to please their loyal demographic.

Now it would be churlish of me, as a journalist, to begrudge anyone in my trade a leaked email now and again.

However if a certain recently let go Sevco employee thinks that she now has a memory stick to beat the board with then it might have been an idea to not have left behind such a massive digital footprint.

Just sayin…

It is clear that The People have sent their letter nearer to the South Pole and not to the usual Elf ridden destination above Norway.

I have no idea what a Sevco Santa would look like.

However, I do know that David Cunningham King is not Father Christmas.

It is Big Mike or no one.

Today could prove to be a perfect storm depending on what Ashley decides to do about it.

When attempting to discern the significance of unfolding events then it does help to be able to process more than one piece of information at a time.

Of course one aspect of Piaget’s pre-operational phase is the ability to indulge in pretend games.

Make believe is a huge part of cognitive development in a child under seven.

Of course since 2012 The People have had an imaginary friend called ‘Rangers’.

It is actually quite sweet.

I do hope The People have asked Santa for a functioning collective intelligence.

We adults on Planet Fitba cannot be expected to continually do their thinking for them.

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