In the loop

I am hearing that some people in the Big Bleak House are feeling a little unloved at the moment.

They are angry that they are not being consulted about big decisions and the damn leaks continue only to remerge in Contae Dhún na nGall.

Now when people are hurting they sometimes say things that they do not mean.

Moreover, things that they later regret and this makes me sad dear reader.

I do not like to hear of good guys getting it in the neck, especially when said chap is just doing his best.

It would appear that my story yesterday about Lewis McLeod caused some people in that dignified two year old institution to jump to some rash conclusions about the provenance of the scoop.

That’s a pity.

I understand that some unkind things were said about me, but I forgive them.

They’re hurting and they’re confused.

I get that so it’s ok.

However the level of their anger is a reasonable barometer of the accuracy of the story.

As I understand the McLeod deal it is as follows:

  • Newcastle United can have the lad for £1m in January there will be a book keeping entry of a fee, but essentially Mike has already paid for him and the extra mill loaned out will be written off. This is all entirely above board.
  • If another club comes in for the starlet then Big Mike will get the first one million of the fee. So If Arsene Wenger makes a sensible bid for the lad then Sevco might be only left with six or seven million after Ashley takes his loan back.


This week Mike Ashley’s ‘A’ team have been going through every department in the Big Bleak House.

For the avoidance of doubt ‘A’ stands for Austerity.

Moreover their work continues.

It is clear that Mr Derek Llambias and Barry Leach are working to an agenda set by Big Mike.

They only share with anyone else in the Big Bleak House when a decision has been made.

These are careful chaps, very precise in their work.

I understand that they do not venture onto the Ibrox computer network unless they are ready to issue an Ashley edict.

This is causing some chaps to feel that they are out of the loop.

That’s because they are.

Now they know how the fans have felt for years.

One specific vignette that was shared with me might be especially worrying for The People.

On Day One of the …ahem…’consultancy work’ at  Sevco Mr Llambias was informed by senior RIFC people that a dignified outfitters in the City Centre was ready to kit him out.

Ashley’s chap was told that if he either presented in person or phoned through his measurements then a club blazer and slacks could be run up for him.

However the Llambias chap, I am told, stated that he had plenty of clothes with him.

He made something of a point that his apparel resided on the peg in Marks & Spencer’s until he purchased them.

A man of frugal tastes who doesn’t waste money on being a dandy.

Just the chap you want to head up your austerity team methinks!

If Big Mike remains in the Sevco game then I suspect that he is ready to pounce on Puma’s portion of the Sevco carcass.

Should the German kit supplier get the hell out of Ibrox then I am told that Ashley has his Sondico label waiting in the wings.

It is no secret that the global brand based in Herzogenaurach was founded by avowed Nazi Rudolph Dassler.

Perhaps because of that the Puma chaps have worked very assiduously on their brand image in modern times.

They just might be reconsidering their relationship with Sevco as it comes up for renewal despite the very advantageous terms that Charlie agreed to.

I also understand that these forensic fellows in BDO are now focussing on the valuation of assets and have some very pointed questions to ask.

They will ask them of the relevant people in due course.

Last night the Fitba internet was full of froth last night about a Wi-Fi bill of some £4m owed by RIFC/TRFC.

I understand that there is outstanding Wi-Fi bill is in the region of £500,000 and it is disputed by the club and the holding company vehicle.

The initial cost of installation of all these internet thingies as Ibrox was £1.5m.

Sources tell me that what is owed is the cost of running the network.

The £500,000 is comprised of £300,000 for actually doing the work and a further £200,000.

This last sum is something of an…ahem…onerous offshore add on.

It must be stated that the company that carried out the work IS owed the legitimate sum of £300,000 and is what they invoiced and that is what they are owed.

For the avoidance of doubt they have no had act or part in the additional £200,000.

However some heroically anonymous chap has come up with the figure of £4m.

I await some proof on that one as it does seem inordinately high.

Then again I just might not be in the loop…

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