The unsackable Ally

There was an early morning conversation on Planet Sevco.

A senior member of the football board asked Mr Derek Llambias if he would be “willing to help the club to find a solution with the Ally McCoist problem” and the answer was an emphatic ‘no’.

Sports Direct executive Barry Leach was appalled at the nature of the McCoist contract.

Both he and Llambias have been able to compare and contrast the terms of employment of Alan Pardew at Newcastle United.

It is self-evident to these two gentlemen that Mr McCoist has a far greater degree of padding than Pardew apropos his personal terms.

So as of this morning Mr Ashley, via his guys, stated that he  will not fund a golden parachute to give Alistair and Sevco a soft separation.

Essentially Super Ally is unsackable unless he does walking away for no severance package then there is no cheap solution to this issue.

Moreover I understand that Mr Super is still owed a league winning bonus from last season.

It would greatly assist RIFC/TRFC if he left the building for the good of the company/club/celestial entity.

So expect some blue briefing soon against Super Ally from the usual suspects in the mainstream and in the dignified blogosphere.

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