A duty of oversight

Mr Stewart Regan has every right to give voice to his concerns about the state of Scottish Football.

Indeed it was good to see him make a foray into the media this week.

He appears to be particularly worried about the two year old club currently playing out of Ibrox.

When the creature created by Charles of Normandy first saw the light of day Mr Regan was in the delivery room at Hampden.

Without an amenable governing body then Charlie and the boys would not have got past first base.

One of the myths floating around this clusterfuck of a football club is that the Yorkshire man with the big hands presented a business plan to the people who run the national game in Scotland.

Well it is certainly the settled view of several sources close to the action that there was no business plan shown to the SFA.

Perhaps the next time Mr Regan appears on the radar of the Scottish mainstream media he could clear that one up.

I am sure the fearless stenographers will ask very pointed questions on that matter.

Meanwhile back at the train wreck on Edmiston Drive I understand that Mr Llambias has compiled a report on the duplication of effort between Ibrox and Murray Park.

Sources close to action tell me that Mr Ashley’s men were shocked at the repair and refurbishment bill for Ibrox and, to a lesser extent, Murray Park.

The redundancies that have been already announced cost money to implement.

Moreover, this has eaten into the cash that was set aside for operations in December.

Today is pay day for this month and there was cash for that.

However I understand that bills are piling up and, at some point, a creditor will have to seek some legal redress if they remain unpaid.

It all now depends on what big Mike decides.

If Mr Ashley remains the main man at Sevco then expect a massively slimmed down operation and obviously that will be of concern to Mr McCoist…

For the game to thrive in Scotland there must be good governance and that is what Mr Regan is all about.

Mr Regan may wish to catch up with Mr Graham Wallace, ex-RIFC Chief Executive.

For example my sources tell me that the ex-Sevco supremo had a very interesting chat with some serious people in the Square Mile exactly three weeks ago today.

It is just as well that there is such keen oversight being applied from those plush offices in Hampden.

Otherwise I might be concerned myself.


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