Recognising the good in people

It is always good to see a good man getting on in life.

This morning the London Stock Exchange was told of the elevation of Mr David Somers.

I’m glad about that as he is a decent bloke who deserves some recognition.

2014 has been a tough year for him and he has shown  grace under pressure.

Mr Ashley currently has his men in the Big House and they’re having a look under the hood.

So far they have not liked what they’ve found.

One of the first things that that Derek Llambias discovered was certainly not to his liking.

He told anyone who would listen apropos Alistair McCoist’s salary that “Mike will not tolerate that”.

Of course the fiction of Ally’s pay cut has been a cosy little secret that the Stenographers have been happy to go along with.

The Easdale brothers also deserve some recognition because without the Ashley intervention insolvency was pretty much a done deal.

They realised that Big Mike was the only hope.

If the people turning up at Ibrox still have a team to support next season then it is largely the Easdales they will have to thank for that.

I understand from sources the brothers have been told by Ashley’s guys that the previous Chief Executive had said some unfair and unkind things to various regulatory agencies about them.

I hope that within the new regime they get the respect they certainly deserve around the place.

If I ever come to write a book about Sevco then the Easdale brothers will deserve a chapter.

If a club called ‘Rangers’ playing at a stadium on Edmiston Drive survives then it is these two lads who may have proved to be the ‘hinge factor’ in all of this.

At some point the Ibrox faithful might come to realise and appreciate that fact.

In the meantime this remains a loss making business with no credit line from a bank.

At a meeting of the major Sevco people this week, it was not a formal board meeting, Mr Llambias stated that from now on they would spend only what came in the door.

As has already been stated in the mainstream media the image rights is crucial to the Ashley move on Ibrox.

The Stenographers in their copy and paste simplicity think that the story ends at Rangers Retail Limited.

However I understand that there is another company (offshore) behind that again.

That is why the Sheriff of Newcastle will meet with Charles of Normandy this weekend.

Ashley needs the image rights to be entirely within his control before he can move to the next phase.

If that can be worked out then he will keep Sevco on life support from the petty cash.

However if our friend in his château digs his spurs in then Big Mike could do walking away from the entire shambles.

I don’t think that will happen as they are both reasonable men.

For them this isn’t personal. It’s strictly business.

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