Are you on the list?

Despite the conflict on the pitch football clubs always extend boardroom hospitality to their opponents.

It is a nice touch and I like it.

The guid folk at Raith Rovers have been waiting on the invite list for the match tonight when they host Scotland’s newest professional club.

They should have had the names of those attending by Wednesday.

That would be normal practice.

However it was only this morning that it arrived at Stark’s Park.

There are two places on the list for Mr McCoist and a guest.

Mr Mark Hately is attending as a VIP as is Mr Andy Cameron the professional funny person.

Andrew Dickson the Sevco media chap has also been allocated a place in the boardroom.

Another name on the list does perhaps; explain its tardiness in getting to Raith Rovers.

Mr Graham Wallace will attend with his son.

I had put it out on twitter late last night that I was aware of some frantic moves by the RIFC chaps to have their semi-detached Chief Executive on show to be photographed.

A select group of succulent stenographers were briefed that the message to go out today was that all was well at ‘Rangers’ and that the Chief Executive was hard at work.

Worth noting are the names that are not on the list.

The Easdale brothers are, according to that list, not attending the match in Fife.

Philip Nash is not on the list, but then he is very busy at the moment doing two jobs.

I would have thought that RIFC chairman David Somers would have been in attendance and his absence is certainly puzzling some folk at Rovers, but these are difficult times for Sevco.

However it is what happens on the pitch that matters tonight.

That is probably why the guid folk at Rovers contacted Tynecastle earlier this week to have something returned to Stark’s Park.

When the Sevco VIPs turn up tonight there in the wee board room in Kirkcaldy will be the Petrofac Training Cup waiting for them.

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