Off site and off script

In recent months one of the main assets of Rangers International Football Club has been the unity between the two guys at the helm.
Chief Executive Graham Wallace and Company secretary Philip Nash often act as one in pre-agreed steps.

However that may have changed recently. I understand that major players around the RIFC boardroom table now view the offsite Chief Executive as being rather off script.

The last face to face meeting, before the match against Clyde, was rather tetchy.

Graham Wallace is an advocate of approaching anyone with any connection to the Ibrox brand who might have some cash to invest.
Although he had been given a list of contacts within the Square Mile to approach for investment Wallace also made his own, unauthorised, moves.
I understand that he contacted Jim McColl to ascertain whether or not he would be interested in investing in RIFC.
Wallace has also approached another three individuals within the UK who have affection for the Ibrox brand and would have access to the type of money that is required to save the new club.
The important fact is that he did this without the prior approval of his bosses around the boardroom table.
Subsequently the mood has become rather heated in the Blue Room.

That nice Mr Letham is still not paid and there was a recent meeting between him and Graham Wallace.
Once more this was without the permission of the RIFC bigwigs.
I think it is fair to say that Mr Letham is now fully aware of the dire financial situation at the two year old club.
Not very long after this unauthorised conclave George was on the phone looking for his money and armed with very precise details.

If Graham Wallace is ‘guilty’ of anything it is trying his heart out to save the day.

However, insiders tell me that they do not think that Graham Wallace is long for planet Ibrox-a place where he spends very little time these days.

Nash is seen as the more reliable functionary, a guy who will take  instructions and stick to them.

In the City it doesn’t get any better for RIFC’s beleaguered Nomad.
Only yesterday those pesky AIM chaps were onto Daniel Stewart and Company looking for documentation.
Watch that particular space.

If Mr Wallace does clear his desk then I believe that Philip Tudor Nash would be willing to step in, if only on a temporary basis, to steady the ship.


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