Sevco get both barrels

When I first heard of Heineken I was informed that it reached parts other beers couldn’t somehow get to.

The spin about this new deal between the brewing giant and the two year old club is, well spin.

The corporate bars at Ibrox will be supplied with Heineken products at a cheaper price than the normal term so the profit to RIFC/TRFC will be higher per unit sold.

Heineken operate what is effectively a Cash On Delivery system with all of the outlets they supply.

They are not unique in this among brewers and Diageo do something very similar.

So no credit terms then.

Which is probably just as well as the outstanding bills to various suppliers that stood at five is now up to seven.

When it was just the five the overall bad news was in the region £600,000.

Obviously it is higher than that now.

The good news is that they made payroll without touching the Season Ticket money.

Now we’re in August and the VAT will be due on the 7th of this month on any Season Tickets sold up to the 30th June.

Any sales after that then the VAT aren’t due for another three months.

That nice Mr Letham is also due his money now and that is £1.15 million.

I understand that staff bonuses due this month.

I’ve been informed by sources that Marius Žaliūkas was expecting his signing on fee with his salary this month, but it wasn’t there.

However I’m sure that was an administrative error and will be cleared up soon.

Recently the club/company/celestial entity made quiet overtures to Dundee United about Charlie Telfer.

You may recall that the Tayside club and the new club are in dispute about the level of compensation.

The Arabs had offered around £60,000 based on the two years that the young midfielder was with Sevco.

I understand that the folks at RIFC/TRFC are now willing to do a deal based on two years.

However, they’re keen to have this business completed discreetly.

On the austerity front it was good news as the trip to Derby was sensible.

I am told that the Sevco entourage kipped in a budget hotel and didn’t linger.

The financial problems haven’t gone away you know and the Shareholder Option looks seriously compromised now because of the Stockbridge effect.

With the Season Ticket Strike still staying solid the hope for the people trying to keep the Ibrox show on the road is that they get sell out home gates.

There is no working capital other than the Season Ticket cash and, of course, no credit line from a bank.

The at Sevco situation is straining the business sinews of a highly skilled corporate team and they are hoping that the Season Ticket Strike does break and they will then have a fighting chance of keeping the lights on.

One moment of humour from the booze deal was when Philip Nash, true to his Cork roots, decided to chance his arm.

Dear reader the Rebel County, where I have many good friends, is renowned for producing , ahem, shrewd negotiators.

Let’s just leave it at that…

Moreover after yesterday this adherent of the Green and Red of Mayo is feeling rather ok with the world!

So the man whose cousin keeps goal for Cork hurling team  sent a missive to the Heineken account manager to ask  for one hundred free barrels of the stuff ‘as a gesture’.

His perfectly reasonable request was rebuffed, but two barrels were sent gratis.

I’m glad to report that they reached their destination.

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