Questions put to Laxey Partners

I submitted the following questions to Laxey Partners on May 19th 2014.

Why did Does Laxey Partners invest in Rangers International Football Club?

Did Laxey Partners buy RIFC shares at the Initial Public Offering?

What the cost to Laxey Partners of the original investment?

What is the current value of that original investment in RIFC?

Do Laxey Partners intend to retain their shareholding in Rangers International Football Club in the long term?

Has Laxey Partners or anyone representing Laxey Partners been in contact, directly or indirectly, with Mr Craig Whyte or anyone representing Mr Whyte?

Does Laxey Partners consider the current cost base of The Rangers Football Club (TRFC), a wholly owned subsidiary of RIFC, to be sustainable?

Has Laxey Partners been advocating to other major shareholders that RIFC must carry out a controlled insolvency event so that the costs of TRFC can be reduced?

If so has Laxey Partners encountered any resistance to this plan from other major shareholders?

Is Laxey Partners aware of anyone from RIFC or anyone representing RIFC been in touch with Mr Dave King or his representatives apropos his public pronouncements about RIFC?

If so did any of these communications indicate that legal action might be taken against Mr King?

What is the assessment of Laxey Partners to the recent published accounts of TRFC?

Does Laxey Partners have any plans to buy Murray Park?

Does Laxey Partners have any plans to lend money to RIFC/Sevco secured against Murray Park?

Does Laxey Partners intend to increase their shareholding in RIFC under the shareholder option as outlined in the 120 day review?


As I had not received any answer to these questions I followed up today with a telephone call to their London office.

The person who took my call seemed keen to ascertain whether or not I was in any way connected to any ‘Rangers’ supporters group.

It was easy to deny.

Laxey Partners have had these questions for two weeks and I believe that it is in the public interest that they be asked.

If I receive any response to them I will publish it here.

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