Hearts rescued

I spoke with a Jambo buddy earlier this year about his endangered club.

At that point the Heart of Midlothian FC was still on death row.

He stated quite clearly to me that if the CVA was refused then that would be the end of the club he had supported since boyhood.

There would be no club/company nonsense from him or any other Jambo he told me.

He was unequivocal that no CVA meant liquidation and that meant the death of the club, his club.

I have known him for thirty years and he has a precise intelligence that he brings to his work as a politics journalist.

I could see why this club/company fairy story would offend his rationality.

No matter how much it would have hurt he would have accepted the death of his beloved Hearts.

In that conversation he impressed upon me that if some consortium bought Tynecastle and got the nod from the SFA to play as Hearts then it would not be the club he had been taken to watch as a wee laddie.

This chat happened at the time when the outlook was not good for those of a maroon persuasion.

Throughout this ordeal Jambos have won a huge amount pf respect on Planet Fitba for how they have conducted themselves.

The Hearts fans haven’t sought to deny, deflect or inflict.

The Tynecastle faithful were a credit to their club.

They knew that Heart of Midlothian Football Club had got themselves into this because of an egomaniac owner who promised much, but in the end brought only ruin.

The Tynecastle fans knew in their Hearts that there was no one else to blame out with the club.

Compare and contrast dear reader compare and contrast…

The supporters of a club that died in 2012 could not have conducted themselves in a more different way to the Gorgie clan.

The mainstream media have been contorting themselves over the significance of Hearts getting the CVA.

They have to keep to the fiction that liquidation was really no big deal because if it is then the significance of the liquidation of Rangers in 2012 becomes impossible to ignore.

Indeed the truth is that Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster tried to make liquidation into a matter of little significance.

Their plan was for Sevco, pretending to be Rangers, to be parachuted into the SPL as if nothing had happened.

Had they succeeded then only a UEFA ban of three years would have been consequences of stiffing 276 creditors after years of financial doping and improperly registered players.

Remember dear reader Mr Regan wanted Sevco in the SPL from the get go.

Thankfully that was thwarted by the NoToNewCo movement and so was their Plan B to start Sevco in the second tier.

So they started at the bottom and then Charles Green’s new club then had a decision to make.

Pretend to be Rangers and burn through one off cash reserves or genuinely start as a new club, but risk losing the tens of the thousands of supporters who had followed Rangers.

We all know what choice Charlie and the boys made.

It is worth noting that no Ibrox equivalent of Anne Budge stepped forward and put real money down on the table for the good of the club.

My Jambo buddy told me that at the end of this process the Hearts fans will own HMFC.

A few weeks ago when the main hurdle was surmounted the news of this was greeted with anger and dismay on Sevco message boards.

They clearly wanted Hearts to liquidated, they wanted Hearts to die.

The significance of Hearts surviving was not lost on a man who had played for both the Gorgie club and Rangers.

Of course if avoiding liquidation preserved the club’s history then being liquidated means that history is concluded and the timeline is broken.

Of course the liquidation of Rangers didn’t kill the club that was only the holding company thingy you understand.

It is not a coincidence that the Scottish journalist most in the sights of the klan over this club/company fiction is one with a law degree.

Indeed he had a ten year career as a law lecturer and Jim Spence wasn’t always a footie expert for the Beeb.

HMFC will be in the Championship next season, perhaps with their city rivals for company.

They will definitely have league business with the newest club in the professional game in Scotland.

My Jambo mate, a Scottish republican socialist, has long been irked by the ‘little Rangers’ jibes thrown at Hearts.

However, he accepts that a small amount of the Tynecastle crowd still play to the loyalist stereotype when Celtic visit down Gorgie way, but it is diminishing.

Of course the John Wilson incident in 2011 did serious reputational damage to the Edinburgh club in this regard.

I spoke to him the day after and he was angered and dismayed at what had happened.

He said to me today that he hoped that locking horns with the new club from Govan next season in the Championship might be an educational experience for the dwindling Union Jack fraternity among the Tynecastle home crowd.

I hope so too.

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