For club and company

Once you have convinced yourself of the impossible then anything is possible.

Because they wanted to believe that Rangers didn’t die in 2012 some of The People are now in the process of trying to kill another club.

If their season ticket strike is successful and the normally loyal Ibrox types withhold these seasonal monies from the Big House then an insolvency event is almost guaranteed.

Only the current shareholders stumping up millions will prevent that.

If Administration morphs into Liquidation, which it could, then Mr King will be able to position himself to pick up the stadium for very little.

In fact the withheld season ticket cash could be used to purchase the stadium.

Of course in the world view of the supporters it is only the company that is being killed not the club.

They will, perhaps, see that they are killing a company to save the club they love.

For them 2012 saw the death of a company that ran Rangers Football Club.

The football authorities and the mainstream media played along.

In facilitating this Orwellian fiction the door is opened to the death of another club that plays at Ibrox.

Once the step is taken to think the unthinkable then, in the law of unintended consequences, all things are possible.

In 2012 the home crowd at Ibrox looked on in shock and horror as the club that they, and generations before them, had supported quietly slipped beneath the waves that Britannia once ruled.

Then the people who run the national game came up with rule bending wheezes like ‘conditional membership’.

It still doesn’t clear up who played Brechin City at Glebe Park in the Ramsdens Challenge Cup in 2012 because it certainly wasn’t Rangers.

In order to keep the franchise alive the home crowd at Ibrox had to be convinced that Sevco Scotland Limited was in fact Rangers (1872-2012).

Thus the club/company fiction was created.

The outworking of this bed time story is that the Bears (there are more than three and quite a lot them have done porridge) are prepared to kill the club that the currently follow follow.

If this season ticket boycott is successful then it will be “a programme for complete disorder”, although I doubt many of The People will recognise that quote from Frantz Fanon.

The anti-colonialist from Martinique lacks the necessary imperialist tinge for their toxic world view.

On Tuesday the earthly representative of Rangers on earth issued an encyclical to the faithful.

Basically it told them to get back into line put their season ticket money in the receptacle provided.

On the outside a former Rangers director and multimillionaire, backed up by a Nine In A Row Legend is telling them to do the opposite.

It is quite clear that many of The People are in emotional turmoil.

At the moment it is possible to discern that the season ticket refuseniks have the momentum.

If I was Mr Tyrell then I would be working on unearthing some club legends to counteract the undoubted credibility of Mr Richard Gough.

I think the chaps in the Blue Room could be forgiven for feeling that they are currently under siege.

However, they will know, of course, that there can be no surrender.

Meanwhile the rest of Scottish football are in danger of an overdose of schadenfreude as they look on and smile as the generation that was over fed by Sir David Murray very publicly writhes in pain.

In fact if I didn’t know any better I would think that some of The People are just not enjoying The Journey.

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