The unplanned journey

The home crowd at Ibrox were exhorted in the summer of 2012 to join the new club on “the journey”.

Of course, someone has to drive the bus, but now Dave King is telling the passengers to get off.

There is no doubt that the South African based entrepreneur is a “Rangers man”.

His affection for the Ibrox brand cannot be questioned and Mr King will never be poor by any standards.

However his wealth might not be off the radar.

Part of the arrangement with the South African authorities that kept Mr King out of prison was that he repatriates his wealth offshore back to South Africa.

A basic reading of the recently released accounts of Sevco Scotland Limited proves that New Rangers simply spends far too much money.

Of course Old Rangers also spent too much money.

However, the club owned by Sir David Murray had access to bank borrowing that kept the show on the road until the world banking crisis of 2008.

When the Motherwell born billionaire bought Rangers in May 2011 that facility from the bank did walking away and Scotland’s establishment club had no credit line.

The Bears are in torment at the moment and they are crying out for a saviour.

Their anguish is palpable at the moment and there is an urgent need for a benefactor.

Their analysis of the current state of play is simple enough.

If the club is bought by a rich man then he will pay all of the bills and fill the team with superstars.

When Mr King spoke of “soft investment” this is what the home crowd at Ibrox heard.

These could easily be interpreted as the words of a potential Sugar Daddy.

A team at Ibrox living within its means will not be a vehicle for supremacist domination, but it will exist.

The home crowd at Ibrox should be shouting for Graham Wallace instead of shouting at him.

He gets this business stuff, he really does.

If Sevco becomes a self-sustaining entity then it will slowly build up its strength in the Fitba world.

However his customer base still longs of the 1990s.

Recently Graham Wallace brought in sports science experts from Manchester City, a personal favour to him, to assist in the preparations for the Dundee United game.

He is doing his bit for the cause.

The current troubles at Sevco are two pronged.

Firstly there are legacy issues that Graham Wallace and his colleagues have had to deal with once Charles Green had left the building.

There are service contracts that cost the company/club/celestial entity lots of money for very little in return.

Secondly there is inability of the manager to galvanise a team capable of winning big games.

Super Ally has previous in this going all the way back to Malmo.

McCoist the star striker from the glory days of the 1990s is a hapless manager apparently incapable of motivating players or changing the game tactically with a substitution.

All of this would be bad enough, but now a director from the fivers and tenners era with the street cred of having put £20 million of his own cash into Rangers is calling for Season Ticket monies to be withheld.

Moreover some fans organisations (there are quite a lot of these groups I can’t really keep up) have announced their support for Mr King’s initiative.

The most imaginative, most vindictive Celtic supporter could not have scripted a scenario that would inflict more emotional pain and anguish on the Bears.

What is undeniable is that this club is currently living a hand to mouth existence because of the crushing weight of a cost base that is unsustainable without external financing.

Meanwhile payroll is due again next week.

Just where this journey is heading hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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