Mr George Angus and Sevco

This morning I put the following questions to  the press office at ‘Rangers’.

Can you please confirm that a Mr George Angus is an employee of your company/club?

Is Mr Angus engaged by your company/club as a consultant?

Did Mr Angus hold the title of ‘facilities manager’ at your company/club?

What role, if any, has Mr Angus had in the financial affairs of your company/club?

Was Mr Angus introduced to your company/club by Mr Iain Morgan of Active Corporate?

Was the hiring of Mr Angus sanctioned by Mr Charles Green?

Can you confirm that Mr Angus was asked to leave his office within your establishment yesterday (Friday 4th April 2014)?

Was Mr Angus escorted off the premises?

What is the status now of Mr Angus within your company/club?

I am awaiting a response  to these questions and I will publish it here when I get it from the company/club that operates out of Ibrox.


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