Preparing to fail?

You might be familiar with the expression ‘never take a knife to a gunfight’.

It is essentially about the dangers of being poorly prepared.

In his pre-Saipan days Roy Keane was apparently very fond of saying:

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.

I must say that I have to agree with the driven Corkman.

In my experience successful people tend to do preparedness very well indeed.

Therefore I was surprised to learn from two excellently placed sources of some of the details of the recent meeting between Mr Dave King and several members of the board of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC).

This was the meeting that Mr King was requested to attend by RIFC Chairman Mr David Somers.

I think it is fair to say that what unfolded in the meeting rather surprised the RIFC chaps present.

Representing the company/club/spiritual entity was Mr David Somers, Mr Graham Wallace and Mr Philip Nash.

I understand that the minutes of the meeting were taken by Mr Nash’s Personal Assistant.

Mr King turned up holding a thin A4 folder.

When the meeting got under way the South Africa based entrepreneur asked for a piece of paper and a pen as he wanted to take some notes.

This request rather surprised the RIFC chaps on the other side of the table that he would attend such an important meeting without such basic implements.

The South African based businessman was then challenged that he “had nothing to offer” by a senior RIFC chap.

It was then also put to the Glasgow born multi-millionaire by one of the RIFC chaps that the board considered that Mr King wanted to engineer the liquidation of the company.

This, the RIFC board member continued, was how Mr King planned to acquire Ibrox stadium cheaply.

I, of course, cannot comment on whether or not that is indeed Mr King’s plan.

However, I am surprised that he attended such an important meeting in an apparently ill prepared way.

The A4 folder in question was apparently empty and there was no legal document, no briefing notes or anything else inside it.

Like the RIFC chaps I find this puzzling given Mr King’s public statements in the period leading up to that meeting.

They expected more from Mr King, some proposal or plan.

I have put these questions to Mr King via the email address he has used to correspond with me in the past.

So far he has not replied to my missives on this subject.

If he does then I will, of course, publish his response.

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