Resolution 12. Shareholder statement

I have been supplied with the following statement from the group of Celtic shareholders who recently put Resolution 12 to the recent AGM:

“Since the AGM explanations have been given throughout CQN for the reason for accepting an adjournment.

“To summarise: Celtic made enquiries in 2011 and received answers that they could not challenge but on receiving the resolution made further enquiries.

“The SFA response confirms that the SFA were within the letter of the law to grant the licence, thus removing one of the key legitimate reasons to approach the CFCB as per the resolution.

“However there are still issues requiring clarification, because of material posted on line in the summer, regarding the SFA responsibilities and diligence in monitoring the licensing process thereafter from 30th June and after 10th August when Sheriff Officers called to collect payment.

“We will attempt in the coming weeks to get clarification on this issue via the good offices of the Company Secretary, who expressed his appreciation of how well the group had worked together with Celtic on this issue and would like to continue to do so in future. We will keep those interested up to date on any future developments now this avenue is open.

“The resolution was of enormous help in being able to call the SFA to account so far and thanks to those who signed or supported in any way.”

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