Dave King. A man with convictions.

Suddenly the punch drunk klan can see a new saviour.

A Bear with money who will bank roll the Ibrox outfit.

So finally there is hope on the horizon.

This is what they have been yearning for since Lehman Brothers toppled and David Murray’s credit line died in 2008.

The klan sees a rich man who is willing to fund their supremacist amorality play on the turf at Ibrox.

Dave King is the only show in town.

Contrary to what much of the reportage in Scotland would have you believe Dave King did not settle some trifling civil matter recently in South Africa recently.

David Cunningham King was brought before the courts where he pled guilty to forty one contraventions under the South African Income Tax Act.

The man branded by Judge Southwood in 2010 as a “glib and shameless liar” finally admitted criminal activity regarding his tax matters.

Ipso Facto Dave King is a criminal.

Moreover this isn’t some minor indiscretion from a misspent youth.

This was calculating criminality for gain by a grown man over a period of fourteen years.

He was undone by his own hubris as he ostentatiously paraded his wealth.

A minor official at the South African Revenue Service (SARS), a Mr Chipps, saw the newspaper story and a light bulb went off in his head.

By his own admission in radio interview in South Africa Dave King admitted that he had tried to get to a situation where he paid no tax at all.

In a joint statement issued with SARS King said:

“When this tax dispute arose many years ago I took a conscious decision not to cooperate with the authorities. That was a mistake. I regret not engaging with the State sooner as I have found them to be extremely firm but fair in their dealings with me once I fully engaged with them. I accept the fact that I have been non-compliant in the past and will rectify this.”

There is no need to editorialize, but just merely to state the facts that the National prosecuting Authority confirmed to me yesterday.

“On 29th August 2013 at South Gauteng High Court held at Palm David Cunningham King entered a plea of guilty in the South Gauteng High Court held at Palm Ridge, on 41 counts of various contraventions of section 75 of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962.

“The said plea is in accordance with a plea and sentence agreement in terms of section 105A (1) of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977, entered into between the accused and the National Prosecuting Authority. The High Court was satisfied that the aforesaid agreement complied with the requirements of the provisions of section 105A (1) of the Criminal Procedure Act, that the accused admitted the allegations in the above-mentioned counts and that he was guilty of the offences.

“The Court was moreover satisfied that the sentence agreement was just, whereupon the Court proceeded to convict the accused of the offences and sentenced the accused in accordance with the sentence agreement.

“In terms of the agreement, the accused was sentenced to a fine of R80, 000.00 or 24 months’ imprisonment on each of the 41 counts, being the maximum sentence provided for in the Income Tax Act read with the Adjustment of Fines Act 101 of 1991. The effective sentence, as confirmed in the agreement, is a fine of R3 280 000.00 or 984 months (82 years) imprisonment.

“The accused has, moreover, agreed to pay to the Criminal Assets Recovery Account (“CARA”) the amount of R8.75 million as contemplated in section 64(e) of Act 121 of 1998.”

For the avoidance of doubt these were criminal proceedings where Dave King pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

I think that ticks all the boxes of “convicted criminal”.

Now consider this.

If someone with that criminal record was, say,  about to be introduced as Chairman of Celtic then the red tops in Glasgow would be in a feeding frenzy and pitching this as a great scandal to their main demographic.

Despite their commercial motivations and the strange sight of the hacks on the  moral high ground the tabloid chaps would be totally correct, because it would be scandalous.

However, when the same scenario pertains to the Ibrox Triangle then a different set of rules are apparently in play.

All that matters is now is that he has money and that he loves “the rainjurzzz”, subsequently the normal rules of morality don’t apply.

Dignity anyone?

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