Super Ally’s pay cut.

The mainstream media recently trumpeted that Sevco supremo Ally McCoist had taken a pay cut.

Breathlessly we were told that this was because of the Holding Club’s current cash crisis.

The source for this story was the man that the fans simply refer to as ‘Super’.

“We’re taking a wage cut. I didn’t feel under pressure to do it as I signed a contract. Some people maybe forget when I became manager someone put a contract in front of me and I just signed it. It was as simple as that.

“I didn’t even look at the wages or length of deal – I just said ‘I’m signing that’ because it’s what I want to do.

What puzzles me is that there were no follow up questions from the hacks.

Certainly the news that Super Ally had taken a pay cut came as a pleasant surprise to a few senior people in Ibrox.

The lack of follow up questions from the hacks to Mr McCoist’s announcement of his personal sacrifice is highly instructive.

It appears that no one thought to ask Super about the size of his pay cut.

Just ballpark, because size does matter in these things…

Moreover, it is also interesting that Sevco’s excellent in house PR team have not confirmed this act of self sacrifice in an official statement.

However, I am sure the intrepid chaps on the Glasgow sports desks will run this one down and stand the story up.

I am convinced that the loyal customers at Sevco will want to know the details of Super Ally’s pay cut.

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