A far off league of which they know little.

The extent to which people in England have a stunning lack of knowledge apropos matters Scottish continues to surprise me.

I was surprised to learn on Friday that Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan were interviewing for the job of chief executive of the English Football League. After I stopped laughing, my thoughts were that (a) it was further proof of how little the English know of what is happening in Scottish football, (b) not very loyal of the dynamic duo in light of the restructuring – particularly Doncaster having just been appointed SPFL chief executive, and (c) it’s a shame they can’t both get hired as Scottish football would be immeasurably enhanced by their absence!

If Doncaster and Regan had been successful last summer then Sevco would just have finished their first season in the SPL.

276 creditors stiffed, millions of pounds unpaid and players improperly registered.

As far as these two fine fellows were concerned New Rangers could start at the top debt free and largely consequence free.

That they even tried that move should, in my opinion, make them unemployable in any post in professional football administration.

Before the inhabitants of Planet Fitba get their hopes up, there are other candidates for the job.

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