Sevco and Cenkos

There is usually a major post mortem when big finance companies part company with clients.

However, as Cenkos prepare to part company with Rangers International Football Club plc there may be huge sighs of relief from all in Cenkos’ plush Tokenhouse Yard offices in London town.

There were many murmurings of discontent from the city movers and shakers within the Cenkos boardroom.

Working with the colourful Charles Green was always going to be a challenging journey.

Looking at Cenkos’ website, they state that the IPO for Rangers International Football Club plc raised a figure of £22 million.


Looking after Sevco’s interests in the near – and that could become a vital word – future will be Daniel Stewart and Company, a less high profile company based in Old Jewry.

One wonders how the Daniel Stewart team will cope with the next few months.

Meanwhile, as the Sevco’s spin doctor-in-chief settles in to his Florida holiday hide-away, one wonders how they will explain James Easdale joining the board.

Perhaps that awkward task is the reason Mr Traynor is away to the Sunshine State to enjoy sundowners with his old journalistic buddy Darrell King, who now resides and works in Florida.

The Blessed Cardigan will be put in a corner this week when he agrees to rubber-stamp Mr Easdale’s position on the board, especially when both Easdale brothers, James and Sandy, have been telling all and sundry that the wage packages for the senior football management team are intolerable and about to change dramatically.

Has the chairman, who is a great champion for the dignity of the club, forgotten his foul-mouthed rant at Chick Young, when dignity went flying out the window?

How will he cope with James Easdale on the board after telling everyone that if either of the brothers got on the board he would do walking away?

Charlie Green’s wee pal Imran Ahmad has been briefing like mad against Malcolm Murray and don’t forget the club’s largest shareholder is still plotting in the background.

In truth, the only thing in running order down Govan way is the new club bus!

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