Could the Monday Blues lead to Traumatic Tuesday?

Why would a football club contemplate a board meeting on a bank holiday Monday?

Some might bluster that it was just an oversight and it has now been rescheduled for later in the week, others of a more cynical disposition might say it is the ideal day to debate vital new financial information when the Stock Exchange doors are firmly closed.

Or perhaps the Sevco Chairman wants to open a Jeroboam of Bolly to toast former Chief Executive Charles Green and his little wacky friend Imran Ahmed’s financial dealings over the last year.

To be fair the chairman, Malcolm Murray is far from averse to raising a glass or three on special occasions.

But there is a fair bet that the legacy of Charles Green and his other good friend Craig Whyte will feature large as they go through the agenda.

Will they agree that a Craig Whyte controlled company does indeed own Ibrox and Murray Park?

Will they be forced to bow to pressure and allow a new board member that the Chairman, Walter Smith and Brian Stockbridge are totally against?

Will they finally add-up the total amount of cash left in the kitty?

Will they inform the Alternative Investment Market of any financial shortfall?

Will they rubber stamp a dramatic redundancy programme within the club?

Will they inform Scottish football’s governing bodies that commitments made last year to acquire a licence were incorrect?

By the end of the meeting, the bubbles in the Bolly will be as flat as the atmosphere around the board-room table.

Under “any other business” I suggest they remind all around the boardroom table to study in great detail Alex Thomson’s latest revelations coming to a big screen near you this week.

We have had Helicopter Sunday, Monday Blues now could we see Traumatic Tuesday?

Alastair McCoist great battle cry of Saturday, “We are the people” statement may have to change.

“We were the people!”

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