The Sevco sitcom

This Ibrox omnishambles is becoming increasingly difficult to write about.

Just as I am getting my head around the last chapter then the Sevco farce appears to get another infusion of steroids.

My background is in political journalism in Ireland not in British light entertainment.

This is rapidly starting to look as if it was scripted by Ernie Wise.

Although I do incubate the notion that I can occasionally make a fist of satire the facts of this farce has the power to floor me almost on a daily basis.

I have, more than once recently, found myself making some jokey quip to a colleague about what might happen next at Sevco and then it does!

Of course that doesn’t mean I know what is going to happen next other than stating the crushingly obvious.

Sevco is a loss making business that has no credit line from a bank and is likely to face a legal challenge over the ownership of its major assets.

Quite simply Charlie’s creature must either seek new (unclever) investors or go out of business.

I’m plumping for the latter outcome…

However, I make no claims to be a clairvoyant in fact I have over a half a century of evidence to attest to the fact that my prescience quotient is a bit on the thin side.

The predictions I made about Murray International Holdings (MIH) in January 2009 were rather measured and were proved to be pretty much on the money.

Similarly the evidence stacked up throughout 2011 that Rangers, even with their new billionaire owner, were Friar Tucked.

However, the Sevco fiasco isn’t just about the fact that they are haemorrhaging money, but about whether or not the NewCo was created by (gasp) skulduggery.

All football clubs have an origin myth, but FC Sevco may have been created by an immaculate deception.

Charles Green may have thought that Craig Whyte didn’t stand a holy ghost of a chance in complaining that he had been the victim of a switch in the switcheroo, but I suspect that the Yorkshire man miscalculated.

The chap he dismissed as “that little google eye” may actually have Charlie’s measure and the forensic evidence to prove that.

There is the law of the land and the law of football and the latter also needs to step up.

At this stage the Scottish Football Association has to show that the shambles last summer over the death of Rangers and the strange Frankenstein creation that is Sevco will not be Stewart Regan’s defining moment.

The SFA’s point man on this current corporate clusterfuck is Andrew McKinlay.

No doubt he is, like Mr Regan, a very very fine chap.

Unsurprisingly, given the unqualified successes of the SFA in matters regulatory, he seems to have had no sporting background whatsoever!

I don’t know if it is a good thing or not, but I am told that he was sourced by  the same London based head hunting firm that found the dynamic duo of Doncaster and Regan.

Mr McKinlay also seems to be a director of a company called ‘Visible Fictions’ and at that point I give up.

The Sevco sitcom simply defeats me…

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