Is the bridge over troubled waters about to collapse?

The Sound of Silence…did you know Simon and Garfunkel’s iconic album was in the Billboard charts for 105 weeks?

I am not sure when Scotland’s sporting press adopted it as their theme tune, but the sound of silence is still riding high in the mainstream press’

all-time greatest hits.

Why hasn’t one of this noble band asked Charles Green how much was raised by Sevco’s recent floatation? Charlie boy told the world and his auntie Lilly that they had raised over £22m.

A remarkable sum!

By last week in January that sum had to be in Sevco’s bank account. Strange that Charlie hasn’t uttered a word about his remarkable achievement.

The Sound of Silence.

I wonder how the mainstream press will react when the men from the east and no, I don’t mean Vladimir Romanov, ask about money they claim Sevco owe them.

A group from Asia are considering applying for a court action to wind-up Sevco if they don’t pay money the said Asian group claim they are owed.

Next week in the Far East sees the Year of the Snake, but the threat of a winding up notice against a club that is only months old. Now that is a cracker, or should that be a firecracker?

Time for the Sound of Silence yet again?

The Sound of Silence has the following lyrics:

“Ten thousand people, maybe more

People talking without speaking

People hearing without listening”

Is that where, “We are the people” comes from?

Out of interest, the Sound of Silence was knocked off the No1 slot by the Beatles ditty “We can Work it out.”

Can Charlie and the gang work it out?

Discover Phil’s dramatic play Rebellion