Anger management

It is a rare enough event in Ireland that Planet Soccer is in anyway interested in the turmoil on Planet Fitba.

So with that in mind I have to say that Mr James Traynor has done the state some service here.

We know’t no more of that.

Last night I was contacted by the lads at “Off The Ball”.

They had been taken aback by the “tone” of Mr Traynor’s…err…maiden speech on the website of his new employers.

At this point I had no idea that the piece existed.

I was happy to conjecture with the lads-on live radio mind you- about the motivation for Mr T’s   reasoned analysis of the re-structuring plans for the Bonnie Game.

Obviously if I was going to be discussing the piece I had to read it.

As I did so I started to realise what a huge gap Mr Traynor has left at the Daily Record and one that will be difficult to fill.

Personally speaking I think it highly remiss of the administrators of the national game that they did not seek Mr T’s wise counsel on these matters.

One of the Off the Ball lads referred to the piece as a “spittle flecked tirade” and “extremely angry”.

We could only speculate as to the source of Mr Traynor’s anger.

You can listen to the piece here (go to “Listen back” select “Off The Ball” for 8th January, section 3 and it starts just on 48 minutes) and make up your own mind if we got to the heart of the matter.

The contribution of new media was discussed and I was happy to give a shout out for the excellent Scottish Football Monitor.

I had canvassed opinion on these re-structuring plans including a chairman of a club in SFL1 and a sports journalist buddy. They both stated independently of each other that this proposed set up would probably prevent mid table end of season meaningless games.

So dear reader, whisper it, the people in charge of Scottish football may have come up with a structure that may actually work.

If I could suggest a re-structuring for Mr Traynor it would involve lots of long walks and plenty camomile tea in the evening.

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