The Sevco comedy show

People in the public eye are always fair game for the satirical jibe.

It comes with the turf.

However, when the satire is based almost entirely on your own words then you probably have a problem.

In one sense it is implying that what is coming out of the person’s mouth is literally beyond parody.

That is the problem right there.

When Craig Whyte acquired old Rangers the press pack were all over him.

They lapped up every press release and faithfully regurgitated it as the absolute truth.

It fell to others, out with the Glasgow hack pack, to point out some inconvenient facts.

It seemed to me to be an appropriate subject for satire at the time.

Now the hack pack are feeling rather wounded by the jibes that they are obedient churnalists whenever Ibrox calls.

It was always going to take one or two to stray from the herd on Charles Green and Sevco.

Well here we have Mr Green being called out by a member of the mainstream media today as someone who says lots of things that he can’t really stand up.

The immediacy of social media is merciless on such matters.

‏ Ewan Murray of the Guardian yesterday tweeted:

“Ewan Murray @mrewanmurray

“Charles Green latest: “Speak to Manchester United. They are not hostile to Rangers joining [the EPL].

“Ewan Murray ‏@mrewanmurray

“We are not in favour of it at all. We are against it,” United spokesman Phil Townsend said.”

Oh dear…

On Clyde 1 Super scoreboard this week Mark Guidi asked why the share issue was being made now, his question, on live radio, was, I believe, a valid one.

I understand that the monies will be due only a few days before Christmas, hardly the best time to ask people to part with a minimum amount of £500.

The timing does of this does beg some questions.

Is time of the essence on this share issue?

Is the money desperately needed now?

If not then why not wait until the spring?

There may be perfectly reasonable answers to those questions, but I can’t think of them.

Then again I don’t have Mr Green’s proven business acumen.

I like Charlie and I consider him to be a very fine fellow.

Sadly, I have not met him yet, but I can imagine him being highly convivial in company.

However, there are now questions being asked by the Scottish mainstream media about the future business opportunities for his new company.

This is unfortunate timing for the share issue, but I am sure it will all blow over and the Glasgow sports desks will remain largely loyal.

This saga has some life still left in it and I don’t think that it will all go according to the script.

My publisher is keen for me to write “Downfall 2. The Sevco sequel”.

I thought he was joking at first, but he told me that this was no laughing matter.

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