Auntie gets it right on Rangers

It would appear that someone in the Beeb is rather off message on matters Sevco.

It just won’t do that they accurately report the legal reality that Sevco Scotland Limited is not Rangers Football Club (est. 1872).

Of course whoever filed this copy is entirely correct.

However, I had thought that there was an agreed narrative in the Scottish mainstream media that they all bought into the cosy fiction that Rangers did not go onto death row when the CVA was refused last June and the current Ibrox outfit is the real deal.

Apparently not:

“Shareholders in the old Rangers subsequently gave their approval for Sevco to change its name to The Rangers Football Club Limited.

“The old club, which remained in administration, has since been known as RFC 2012.

“The new club, started by Mr Green’s consortium, began life in the Scottish Third Division.”

The Administrator Paul Clark referred to the current Rangers as “…a completely separate entity”.

I am glad that the truth is dripping out slowly.

It is possible to get good information out of Pacific Quay now and again.

No, honestly…

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