And in the blue corner…

When you are up against it is always heartening to know that you have someone who will step forward for you.

I have heard from an impeccable source that there are very few people who want to be in the blue corner these days.

Sevco are in dispute with several players who, over the summer, did walking away when Rangers were liquidated.

These former heroes of the Ibrox klan were, of course, entirely entitled under the TUPE regulations to either have their contracts honoured by the new company or to seek pastures new.

Although we do not know how Kyle Lafferty has taken to the high alpine grazing, the thought of FC Sion’s Christian Constantin locking horns with Charles Green is a wonderful image to hold onto.

Sevco could have sought redress at FIFA.

However, they chose to go to the SFA.

Sevco believe that the player’s contracts with nearly liquidated Rangers give the SFA jurisdiction over the issue of whether the ‘walking away’ was legally justified under employment law.

Heretofore the new club have reached a settlement with Steve Davis and Rhys McCabe.

For this arbitration process the player selects a panel member as does the club with the two arbitrators then appointing the chairperson, who will be legally qualified.

Interestingly Sevco had real difficulty in getting someone to sit on the panel.

Eventually they did.

However, this vignette does indicate that the disgraceful behaviour of folks in Ibrox this summer towards people taking part in the SFA’s judiciary has had an impact.

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