Continental concerns about Sevco

As I broke on Twitter two days ago the European Clubs Association is investigating the membership status of Sevco Rangers.

Rangers (1872-2012) were a founder member of the ECA in 2008.

What I can also now reveal is that Charles Green tried to reassure an ECA bureaucrat when the meeting broke up.

My source on the continent said that Charlie buttonholed the man and said that the ECA should not be concerned about his club.

The conversation was characterised to me as Mr Green trying to reassure the ECA chaps with words to the effect of:

“Don’t kick us out as we will be back in the top flight soon.  A deal is being done in Scotland.”

Obviously if my guy at the ECA is wrong then Rangers can issue a statement utterly denying the veracity of this report.

The Ibrox chaps can state that there is NO investigation by the ECA into the membership status of Mr Green’s club.

That would clear this matter up and I would be happy to reproduce that statement on this site.