Your book is in the post!

I have read many books in my life.

Some I loved and some I hated.

However, I have never formed an opinion of a book before it was published.

Many on Planet Fitba have done just that.

It is hardly the identifying feature of someone who cherishes freedom of speech.

Rather it is more redolent of a closed mind.

So far very few people have had the opportunity to read Downfall.

The Downfall readers club are an eclectic bunch, but they all said they liked it.

Several of them were employed to be deliberately critical of it in order to improve the book.

I am, of course, the last person to have a valid opinion on the book.

Any author would say the same of their work.

You don’t have to buy this book, you don’t have to read it and you certainly don’t have to like it.

I just took a call from the publisher and he said that the first print run had been released to market.

It is now in their respective distribution chains.

Soon the people who get their books up the Amazon will receive Downfall in the post.

Other people will get their copy the old fashioned way by going into a bookshop.

For me the dedicated bookshop is a wonderful place to lose yourself for an afternoon.

If you do get Downfall then I hope you enjoy it.

For me it is the culmination of an amazing unplanned journey that started when I read some posts on by anonymous posters who are now my personal friends.

The telling of this story is also a tale of how new media came to dominate on Planet Fitba.

Downfall will soon be for sale  in a good bookshop near you.

Whether you get the book or enjoy the experience of reading it is entirely down to you.

As for the author, well I really do need that vacation!

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