Progress on a Famine memorial for Glasgow.

Glasgow city council will be asked to throw their weight behind a famine memorial for Glasgow.

The motion will be moved by Councillor Feargal Dalton of the SNP.

Here is the draft wording.

“Council notes the significant cultural, economic and social impact of Ireland’s An Gorta Mór and the Scottish Highland Potato Famine on the modern day character of our great city.  Council recognises the efforts made by Glaswegians at the time to provide relief and sanctuary to those affected, a tradition that continues now as our city and its citizens continue to provide hope and assistance to those throughout the world affected by famine today.

Council therefore agrees to create a working group to examine the feasibility of, and to make recommendations for, a memorial to those who perished and to those who migrated to this city, and elsewhere, to escape starvation and forge new life for their families.”


Over the last 24 hours a series of discussion have taken place within the wider Irish community as how best to advance this project.

Developing story.


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