New reality

Planet fitba has entered a new space time continuum.

Later today Celtic will attempt to edge past their Finnish opponents in the Champion’s League.

I won’t get to see the game as I’ll be over the Atlantic on my way to Philadelphia.

On Saturday Celtic will play Real Madrid there.

The term “glamour friendly” is routinely misapplied by sports hacks.

However, this is a genuinely glamorous event.

In Scotland now only Celtic inhabits this footie firmament.

The landscape has changed and we are now in an age of unipolarity.

Despite the  best efforts of the establishment Rangers are in liquidation row with no chance of reprieve.

Only the final paperwork remains to be processed.

I am amused, but not surprised, that the SFA’s “fit and proper person test” has been passed.

Moreover the “future financial information” forms completed by Sevco would, no doubt, make for interesting reading.

Once Rangers finally flat line the Post Mortem, which will be carried out by the BDO boys, is likely to be rather grisly.

Sevco has purchased the belongings of the condemned club and they seem to have convinced the Ibrox klan that nothing has changed.

That is not how FIFA and UEFA view things.

On planet Fitba, all IS changed, changed utterly and in Philly this week end and wherever green is worn we will know and the world will know that the good guys won.

Our day has come.


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