The five stages of liquidation

The Kubler Ross model has never been more appropriate  for Planet Fitba than now.

Today when I was observing the anguished outbursts from the blue half of Glasgow I thought that it must be increasingly difficult for supporters of the dead club to still cling to hope.

These interviews with Steven Whittaker and Steven Naismith indicate quite clearly that both these young men consider then club that they played for to be gone and a thing of the past.

Steven Naismith hoped that, for the sake of the fans, that there would be A club playing at Ibrox next season.

My information is that this is looking less and less likely.

I know that senior members of staff at Ibrox have been briefed to “expect a year out” and that there are just too many obstacles in front of the new club.

Some fans may feel a sense of betrayal at the actions of the two Stevens.

However, the club they played for with such distinction is now dead.

It has gone.

They have no loyalty to a football club just because the new outfit wishes to play at the same stadium of Rangers FC (1872-2012).

The more intelligent among the fan base will slowly start to move into the “Acceptance” stage.

The club is dead.

They should acknowledge that, perhaps in some public ceremony, and then move on.

It is important in such rituals for there to be a high degree of dignity.

I am sure that Elizabeth Kubler Ross would approve.

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