Our man in Nyon

It would appear that there is some confusion about Rangers on Planet Fitba.

So I called my UEFA contact.

He knows about this stuff.

Scotland is a far off country of which he knows little.

However, he lives on Planet UEFA and he knows their rules better than most people.

He considered it risible that a liquidated club could be considered anything other than dead.

“The football club is ended when the liquidation happens” he told me.

For the guys in Nyon it is no up for debate a new company set up to operate in the stadium of the old outfit  is viewed as an entirely  new  football club.

The three year exclusion from European football is not a “ban”, but merely a rule that club must exist for three years before UEFA will allow them into any of their competitions.

Anyone in the Scottish media who pretend that there isn’t a new football club   being set up to play out of Ibrox stadium is either too stupid  or to venal to do their job.

The idea that the new club would be allowed in the room to decide on their future in the SPL had him utterly baffled.

He was surprised that any league in Europe would allow this in their rules.

Tip of the hat is due to Bella Caledonia for their pursuit of this one.


That the folks at the SPL don’t seem to be acquainted with their own rules suggest we are dealing with rank incompetence rather than some malevolent conspiracy.

More Mr Bean than the Borgias.

UEFA guy WAS very interested to learn about the dual contract case.

When I explained that RFC (1872-2012) fielded ineligible players in around 700 matches and that they were invalidly registered to disguise a tax evasion ploy I knew I had his full attention.

“Yes, yes the records must be amended if this is true.”

When I told him who the SFA president was and his history in the offending club he simply did not believe me.

He had heard the name of course, but didn’t know of Campbell Ogilvie’s club career as a brilliant administrator of the dead club.


I believe that we are still only at the start of unravelling the extent of the crimes committed over the last twenty years by RFC (1872-2012) against Scottish football.

There may be a clamour to inflict punishment on the new club for the crimes of the old.

However, this is simply unjust and, according to my UEFA guy, illegal in his bureaucratic world view.

This is a new club which will not be allowed to participate in European completion in three years.

This isn’t a punishment on RFC (1872-2012), but the rules that pertain to any NEW club.

The people who…err…”govern” Scottish football should realise that they’re not dealing with Rangers and move on.

Rangers are dead and people should get used to that reality.

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