My new best friend in the whole wide world

Oh just when I thought this couldn’t get any better!

Here in an interview with the BBC’s Alasdair Lamont the prospective owner of Ibrox stadium puts his cards on the table.

He admits that if the CVA fails next week then

“…the history, the traditions everything that is great about this club is swept aside.”

Correct Charlie.

Well done!

New co means new club.

In fairness to the lad from the Beeb he did ask ONE important question of Charlie and his boys.

When Green was asked he admitted that he had approached members of the Blue Knights consortium and solicited them for money.


Now I wonder what prompted the Beeb chap to home in on that issue?

Of course what the chap from Pacific Quay COULD have asked was the following:

“Mr Green you say that there is £5.5 million in place to purchase the assets of Rangers in a New Co sale. Is that money borrowed on a short term basis and is it your intention to pay it back with season ticket money?”

The Beeb chap might also have asked the blunt Yorkshire man about his access to working capital.

If I was a Rangers season ticket holder  about to renew for next season then I would want to know if it was only my cash that was going to keep the new club afloat.

Twelve months ago I welcomed Mr Craig Whyte to Planet Fitba because I just knew I would grow to love that guy.

He was the type of owner I wanted for Rangers.

Now I have a new object for my affections.

Charlie I think this the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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